Welcome to PsychoJunkie's Haven

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Good evening and welcome to the Haven. If I don't know you, then aangename kennis; if I do know you, hi and have you emailed me recently?

This is essentially nothing more than my first attempt at a homepage. I'm not really sure what it'll contain yet ... probably a whole bunch of links to my favourite places, along with some of my stories and some other people's poetry. Hell, maybe if you're lucky I'll even stick some post-move photos up for you. Of course, if you don't know me, then you don't know that I'm about to emigrate to the UK, or that I live in South Africa at the moment. But then again, you probably don't care, either. : P

OK, on to the important stuff :


I am an angry, ostentatious, psychotic, manic-depressive, super-violent person. Anything I put up here may include extreme violence and extreme views. I can also skep insane images along with the best. I'll try and put warnings in before hand, but never say I didn't warn you. I'm also a lesbian, so if that's a problem for you then leave now. If you try hatemailing me I'll just call friends in and have them help me blast you. So there : P


Now .....

What's New?

Since this is a new page, pretty much everything :)


Foxfire - Tattoo Scene : WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!Foxfire - Tattoo Scene : WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!

What else?

Well ....


Thanks to :

Just figured I should mention all my people so they're sure they're in the right place ... well :

REAL WORLD : Princess, Louis, Debe (my fav Math's buddy), Suz (fashion designer of the future), Tree (you WILL be famous :)) & Doms, Lara F, Lara & Binks, Joanie, O Evil One (you know who you are!), Duff, Ev (sich heil!) & the rest of the crowd, Jean-Maré, Niknak & the Prefect Gang, the rest of ex-12D, Heidi, Greer, Danielle, Francois, Alta, Nicolas, Jo, Nadia, Sanet and likely a whole bunch of people I'm forgetting who are now going to quietly fume or email me screaming and swearing....

CYBERIA : Auntie 'Zoom, Shawn, Conrad (ex-real world), Minion (my weapons and deviance buddy), Alana (my lady of the pompoms), Atalanta, KC, Red Fury, all my other buddies in Subtexas, not forgetting the bondage-corner...., ArdenTly, Mel, Rita, Razor (part-time real world), Slide.... and so on.


Getting hold of me :

Well, I'm slippery, but you can try ....

Nah. Email me rather : PsychoJunkie